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Delia is an international psychic and qualified crystal healer. "She is the UK’s best-kept secret" as she has been working purely by recommendations up til now. Delia's wide international client base has allowed her to work with individuals with TV personalities, celebrities, influencers, performing artists, CEO’s and also good old Sandra from down the road!

Delia's special brand of readings and healings have also been requested by many well-known corporations, companies, events and institutions including Marvel Studios, Disney, Estee Lauder and John Lewis and Partners to name but a few! Delia has built an incredible level of respect within the psychic community and is often the go-to reader for fellow psychics and healers.

Her abilities come from her Caribbean heritage, which has healers and psychic practitioners on both the maternal and paternal lines. She has been communicating with the spirits since the tender age of 5 and grabbed her first deck at age 16.

All of her readings and session are detailed, comforting, confidential with zero judgement. Whether you’re flying high or a hot mess Delia’s got you covered. Her healing sessions provide a soothing safe haven to work through whatever concerns you. She also studied astrology extensively and incorporates this with readings and healing to provide an in-depth understanding of your situation.

Delia’s specialities are crisis management, business advancement, personal transformations and personal relationships.

Delia is truly someone you can trust, depend on and grow with.

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Please contact first before booking this to see if this service is right for you.

Psychic readings

Psychic readings

Delia uses clairvoyance, clairaudience and tarot cards to give you clarity and insight into you whatever situation you wish. Readings will be done over the phone (When speaking to people overseas we use WhatsApp audio,BOTIM, Skype, FaceTime Audio).

£55 half an hour

£100 an hour

*Readings are done over the phone rather than video call because the connection best is with voice vibration and also for your comfort and confidentiality.

Crystal Healing

Crystal is a non invasive, non denominational therapy that involves placing crystal on the body or chakra points when done remotely. Delia intuitively picks the crystals to assist shifting negative energy, and help you feel revitalised. From heart break to personal transformation, shifting negative thinking to building rock solid confidence, crystal healing with Delia can provide a soothing safe space to work through and heal.

Crystal Healing

Conducted over the phone, you will be required to be a relaxing environment, preferably lying or sitting down.


Crystal healing + support package

A healing session, up to 2 30 minute calls after the session (within 3 weeks). This is the ideal package if what you are working through is challenging and you need extra support. It gives you the space to talk through anything that comes up during healing process..


Deep Healing Programme



Delia is available on retainer. Her service and availability is tailored to your needs. In addition to her spiritual abilities, Delia is extremely supportive during times of crisis and is patient, non-judgemental and nurturing.

Contact for price and to be placed on the waiting list

In person readings/healings at a place of your choosing

Whether you’re passing through on a business trip or would prefer insight or healing in your home Delia can be available to come to a place that is convenient for you, by special arrangement.

Contact to book an in-person meeting.

Readings and Healing with Non-disclosure agreements

If the nature of your work requires the utmost privacy, Delia has you covered. Although all services are completely confidential, if you’re in the public eye or making serious business moves you want that extra piece of mind. Sessions with Delia can take place over the phone or in person at a location to suit you. She is available to travel worldwide.

Contact for price.

Crystal Astrology

A unique take on a classic astrological chart report. Combing in-depth knowledge of crystal energy with the insights of an astrology reading Delia will boost your understanding of self to empowering new levels. Whether you want to enhance an innate talent in your chart or balance a more challenging aspect, Delia will advise what crystal to use for each situation.

You will receive a pdf report and will be able to discuss (over the phone or via email/recording) one specific area in more depth (30 minutes)

Natal Report


Transit Report


Total package plus 1 hour reading


Crystal Prescription

For those who would like to do their own healing but need guidance on which crystals to use, a crystal prescription is for you. The prescription is a bespoke protocol specifically for whatever issue you wish to work on. You will be given guidance on body layouts, meditations as well as what to wear and sleep with. This is for guidance only, crystals are NOT included and need to be purchased separately.

Up to an hour call to discuss your situation , with an email sent with the prescription or up-to 3 emails.


Specialist Healing

For those who connect to multiple people and are feeling spiritually and emotional drained.Involves cutting energetic cords, clearing psychic debris accumulated from connecting to multiple clients. After restoring your aura into the tip top shape.

Energy and Aura Clearance


A package of 4 sessions


Attachments and Entity removal

An advanced and specialist Crystal healing procedure removing parasitic attachments and entities. 

Contact for price

A specialist Crystal healing procedure removing parasitic attachments and entities.

Please contact first before booking this to see if this service is right for you.

Insight and healing package

A combined hour reading and healing session that can get deep into the heart of the issue. The reading provides deep clarity and insight allowing the crystals to work deeply.


Half an hour reading and healing


Ultimate insight and healing package


Go even deeper with a Crystal Astrology report, reading and healing. See what parts of your astrological chart work with you and against you, while a reading will add a deeper intuitive layer. All these combine well with the crystal energy to get to the heart of the issue and allow deep healing and change.

Mini Reading and crystal energy refresh

Up to half an hour reading and quick energy refresh using crystals. Perfect if you’re short on time and need a quick pick me up!



In person


In person healing at a place to suit you

From £220

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"I made contact with Delia many years ago and she has been a significant support to me through many challenging periods of my life. She is able to see situations from all sides and give an impartial and honest perspective. Psychically she is truly gifted and connects every time with my situation and the people in it. Her readings are accurate and supportive. Above all, Delia is trustworthy, compassionate and a credit to her profession."

- Xx

"I have to admit I was skeptical about distance healing, I didn't understand how it would work but with the current lockdown situation and the stress I was under I decided to give it a go. Delia was great, it was done over the phone, she explained her method and talked me through. I could literally feel twinges in my tummy and neck what she was healing those locations. Certain memories were triggered which I didn't expect at all and everything actually made sense. I felt lighter and relieved towards the end. Really happy I took a leap of faith and did it. Thanks so much Delia."

- M from Essex

"Well the way you’re going Delia you won’t be much of a secret for long let me tell you! I’ve worked as a psychic for over 7 years now and I’d never had a crystal healing before this summer. I have now had three!!! During the first session I could feel things in my physical body such as pain, heat or tingling in certain areas. The second time I closed my eyes and could actually see sparks and orbs of colours which were relevant to the chakra Delia was working on at the time. I couldn’t see what she was doing I was just talking through what I could see and feel as she did the healing and it was spot on!!! You will become more sensitive and in tune the more crystal healing you experience. It really is amazing. I felt it on a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical level. I find I sleep better and have more clarity immediately. The healing seems to actively continue for about a week after and you’ll notice shifts in your thought patterns, lower stress levels and a genuine improvement in what used to be problematic areas in life. I’ll be back gurl!"

- A x

"You have helped me so much and really gave me so much support through my darkest times. I really want to share your amazing work and talents with everyone! xx Please can I add the follwoing testimonial to your site? From my first reading with Delia and I\'ve had many... She earned my trust very quickly and provided me with so much clarity and guidance that helped me through my darkest times. She got everything right about my situation, as well as the people involved, without me sharing any information. She helped me to gain my own individual power back to overcome the heartache, stress and obstacles in my life. She told me the truth and at the time I didn\'t want to really hear it or believe it to be true, but fast forward to the present and I can confirm her predictions were absolutely right. Delia has the strength to build you up and empower you to take charge of the situation you may be experiencing. I speak to her and confide in her as a dear friend, she has listened to me and shared my pain in very troublesome times. Delia has truly helped me into the light from that dark place and this is something I will never forget. She helped me to work on the right things within myself and provided me with so much hope for the future. I can say all her little predictions have come true for me and I am very much looking forward to the bigger predictions Delia has also made! Thank you so much Delia for always being there, for being an amazing friend when in need and helping me through everything."

- Pxx xx

"Delia came highly recommended and hasn't steered me wrong yet! She is able to pick up on so much and gives great guidance to help to deal with any upcoming events. Her intuition is astounding and sure enough everything she predicted started to happen. Delia is very trustworthy and makes you feel at ease so you are guaranteed an amazing reading. If you want the real deal I cannot recommend Delia highly enough."

- J xx

"Having never seen a psychic before I was very sceptical but Delia was very calming and reassuring. The reading itself was spot on and she managed to pick up on a lot of things that were relevant to me and my situation, numerous things that she said would happen have happened and I recommend her to anyone with an open mind."

- XX

"Delia was brilliant. I am naturally sceptical of readings but I went in with an open mind and was suprised with my reading. Not only due to accuracy but things that were read were impossible to know. I was given time frames and key people to make changes or influence my life, and in that 6 months those things became apparent and happened. Delia is a brilliant reader and I really recommend her to anyone."

- S xx

"A great spiritual experience I won't forget in a hurry. Entering the room I was sceptical but open to hearing what would be said. Soon I found I was captivated as Delia plucked fact after fact about me and my life. She was able to channel my concerns about work and gave me guidance and reassurance in the dreams I've always been nervous about pursuing. It was a refreshing and comforting time that went far to quickly but I am eager for my next visit."

- L xx

"Wow! Delia first came to my house for a group reading last year and as soon as she came through the door she was able to pick up on a number of things. She predicted a change in my job role and sure enough this happened along with many other things. The reading was amazing and having a little insight of things to come helped me to better deal with situations. I will be attending a second group reading very soon and I can't wait!"

- M x

"My reading with Delia was beyond expectation. The specific details she knew of my life and family were so shockingly accurate. I left the reading feeling uplifted, validated, and hopeful for the future. There is no question that she possesses a true gift. I recommend Delia to anyone looking for a true insight into their own lives."

- S xx

"Delia delivers the best readings ever. She provides a wealth of detail in all areas without prompting or asking questions. I trust her predictions as they have already starting coming true from my previous reading with her. I find her warm, honest and funny and her integrity and professionalism are a credit to her. I always feel at ease when talking with her as it\'s like chatting to a good friend. She is my trusted spiritual advisor and I wont hesitate to get back in touch when needing guidance."

- J x

"Delia is a really bright soul. This is very infectious and I feel immediately at ease and comfortable when I speak to her. Very intuitive and knew facts no one could know. Especially with regards to deceased family members and love/relationships too! I can find time going very quickly talking to Delia and in 2 readings we easily spoke for 2 hours or more! I have had a lot of readings and Delia by far is my favourite reader! You will not be disappointed."

- O xx

"Hi Delia, I wanted to write to say thank you so much for the amazing session with you yesterday. I came home and shared many details with my husband Eddie and my sister about our beautiful & troubled little Louis. Your words and insight were a huge comfort and have helped me to feel much calmer about this next chapter in our lives. Thanks so much Delia! You were fab!."

- M xx

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